Believe in what you do and in yourself, but above all be...

Passionately curious

Romuald, a hotel professional for over 30 years, was the manager of a Parisian hotel before arriving in Quebec. Olivier, a marketer by profession and director of a marketing research institute in Switzerland, “”I had never considered becoming a hotelier until Romuald whispered the idea.””

In life, as in business, our common trait is tenacity. When we make a decision, we assume it and go to the end with passion, even if it means taking some risks; but wouldn’t life be untasty and full of regrets without risk?

As travelers with solid epicurean traits and an overdeveloped spirit of curiosity, we love to travel the world. Discovering new countries, new cultures, new hotels, gastronomy, looking for decoration inspirations in all kinds of places, rummaging the flea market booths, and reading here is the program of our trips. Nothing bores us more than routine; discovering, creating, realizing are our energy. Thanks to this, we have decided to buy in 2013 a worn and shabby touristic hotel to create one of the best boutique hotels in Canada. Welcome to Hotel Nomad, push the door, let yourself be surprised and let’s get to know each other better.

Romuald & Olivier – owners of Hotel Nomad – Quebec-city