Hotel Nomad

The spirit of curiosity

Dear Friends, Dear Travelers, Welcome to the H么tel Nomad formerly Ch芒teau Fleur de Lys – L’HOTEL.

Why change the name, when the team and the owners are the same? We simply thought for a long time that the name Ch芒teau Fleur de Lys – L’HOTEL no longer corresponded to the spirit of our project. Indeed, for more than 7 years we have been creating a different hotel, in which the traveler is invited, like a nomad, to wander through the eras, styles, references and aspirations, in two words, to let his spirit of curiosity go, to discover universes diametrically opposed to those evoked by the classicism of a manor and the coldness of the high walls of a castle.
Nomad evokes for us people with legendary hospitality, a slow journey synonymous with discovery and exchange, comforting stops, curiosity about other cultures and histories, but also the warmth of conversations between friends.

That’s it, the Nomad Hotel is the spirit of curiosity and sharing that has been driving us for the past 7 years and in which we intend to continue to welcome you; and what Nomad will you be?

We look forward to meeting you and making your acquaintance : Olivier, Romuald, Elise and Sabrina