"The first law of ecology is that everything is connected to everything else." Barry Commoner - The Closing Circle 1971

Eco-responsible since the beginning

As individuals, driven by the spirit of curiosity and sharing, we are concerned about the fate of our planet; as entrepreneurs, we have to act. It explains why we try to offer our clients services and benefits in line with our vision of eco-responsibility and sustainability without compromising the experience’s comfort and quality.

Hotel Nomad was certified as a Carbon Neutral Enterprise in 2021, and we aim for Zero Emissions by 2027. Although essential, reducing and eventually eliminating our GHG emissions are only one part of our approach to minimizing the hotel’s ecological footprint. To further formalize its commitment to sustainable development, in 2023, Hôtel Nomad became the first hotel in Quebec City to obtain Biosphère Sustainable Lifestyle certification. Below is a list of our daily actions to ensure that your stay at the Nomad Hotel is enjoyable and as environmentally responsible as possible.

Energy & heating

    • Hydropower: over 99% renewable energy
    • Lighting: 100% LED
    • Heating: 100% electric – zero-emission
    • Hot water production: 100% electric – zero-emission
    • Insulation of the basement to increase energy efficiency in the whole building.
    • Use of heating units from recycled sources and with high energy efficiency

Resource management

    • Elimination of individual plastic bottles in rooms, replaced by a system of fountains, glasses, and glass carafes.
    • Replacement of faucets and installation of water-saving devices
    • Flush toilets with limited capacity and no leaks
    • Replacement of water heaters – improved efficiency through better insulation.
    • Monitoring of the water consumption.
    • Recycling of glass, paper, plastic bottles, batteries, etc.
    • Recycling of Nespresso capsules
    • Production of the sensitization movie “Awen, le chemin de l’eau: Preserving water for more sustainable tourism”.


    • The hotel acquired a rechargeable hybrid vehicle in the summer of 2021. Consequences: 80% of trips are now made in electric mode. Until 2021, transportation was our most important source of GHG emissions. This action should help us to reach the Zero Carbon objective by 2027.
    • Installation of an electric vehicle charging station in the private parking lot of the Nomad Hotel

Preference to local SMEs, short circuits, and eco-responsible companies

    • Laundry.
    • Linen.
    • Cleaning and maintenance company.
    • Use of all-natural care products:  Oneka Éléments.
    • Purchase of products from local producers.
    • Support of the MIRA Foundation through its printer cartridge recycling program.
    • Use of the services of Recyclage Vanier, a social economy enterprise focused on employment and training.
    • Supporting the WWF.