Museum & Exhibitions : Canadian exclusive at MNBAQ

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From June to September, 2021, Exhibition Picasso in Quebec-City. Designed by the Musée national Picasso-Paris (France) based on its remarkable collection, in collaboration with the MNBAQ, this new exhibition will assemble a selection of 77 works, including 45 major paintings produced between 1895 and 1972.

The exhibition, designed as a thematic retrospective, focuses on the representation of the body in Picasso’s work. From portraits to more allegorical representations, starting with classicism when Picasso was studying fine art, until the abstraction that is his hallmark, the body is the focus of projections and reflections that are at once intimate and aesthetic. In Picasso’s hands, the body is deconstructed, reconstructed, and constantly transformed, and turns into plastic figures that both reveal part of the history of this unusual genius and the history of artistic modernity.

The works include Man with a Guitar (1911), The Acrobat (1930), Figures by the Sea (1931), Jacqueline with Crossed Hands (1954) and Luncheon on the Grass, After Manet (1960), masterly paintings that represent the outstanding periods of the artist’s career.

Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec (MNBAQ)- 179 Grande Allée Ouest, Québec
More information : 418 643-2150 –
25 minutes walk from hotel Nomad.
Sources and credit : MNBAQ