Eat & Drink : Bienvenuti Al Cuginetto

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Imagine yourself on the way to the Plains of Abraham or to see an exhibition at the MNBAQ, and suddenly you’re hungry. We have the address for you: Il Cuginetto, a genuine Italian street food counter on Cartier Street in the heart of Quebec City’s Arts District.
Open in 2019, by Christiana & Oscar, Il Cuginetto is the address in Quebec City to buy and enjoy authentic focaccia and other take-out food of Italian origin.
This Italian family arrived in Quebec City from Naples a dozen years ago, had in mind to share the tastes and flavors of their loved Italy. But be careful, there was no question of doing things by halves, the focaccia had to be authentic Italian focaccia, and for Oscar it means: quality ingredients, in particular flour and oil, a lot of time, not less than 48 hours to prepare the dough, respect for traditional recipes, as well as the talent. For the skill, Oscar and Christiana did not hesitate to bring a consultant chef directly from Italy to share his know-how with them. As regulars of the place, we guarantee that the investment was well worth it.
Since the opening of Il Cuginetto, the team has grown, with the arrival of Emilie, a young and talented chef, and the list of dishes offered has grown. In addition to focaccia, you will now find on-the-go single-serve or take-out: Polpette, arancini, homemade and handmade gnocchi (nothing less), the traditional Neapolitan potato gratin, frittate and a magnificent recipe for Melanzane alla parmigiana (eggplant parmesan and tomato sauce.) One word is needed to sum up the experience at these little cousins* : Bravissimo!!!

Il Cuginetto – 1032 Avenue Cartier, Quebec
More information: 418 914-6564
25 minutes walk from the Hotel Nomad.

* French translation of Il Cuginetto.